Reunion 2013 at RAF Station Kirknewton

Group Photo’s

Left to right in the order they appear above

RAF Piper #1, Joe Cobb, Harry Hathhorn, Tom Tessaro, Dick Schuetz, Roger Oleson,  Earnie Price, Stan Harris, Charles Crossley, Fred Crawford, Charles Coulter, George Cunningham, Gene Britt, Roy Dahl, Larry Rounsevell, Dick Littlefield, Don Franklin, Don  Beets, RAF Piper #2

Left to Right in the order they appear above

RAF Officer, Harry Hathhorn, Gene Britt, Joe Cobb, Roy Dahl, RAF Officer, Dick Littlefield, Fred Crawford, Charles Crossley,

RAF  Commanding Officer, Stan Harris, Charles Coulter, Larry Rounsevell, Roger Oleson, Don Beets, Earnie Price,

Don Franklin, Dick Schuetz