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This early history is provided by Fred Thomas. 

There were 15 guys at the 8th Radio Squadron (Brooks AFB) earmarked to start up the unit at Kirknewton.  They all left Brooks in February 1952 and went to the 41st RSM in Bremerhaven Germany  They pulled casual duty until their background investigations were completed.  They then went to work in the Ops area until May, 1952 at which time they left for Kirknewton.

The unit at Kirknewton started out as Detachment 102 of the 10th RSM and later became the 37th, then the 6952nd RSM, then the 6952nd Security Group.

The following is the history as published in the final issue of the base newspaper, the
Scotsman,  dated December 23, 1965.

  • The 37th RSM was actually born at Brooks AFB, Texas, in August 1951 with plans to occupy RAF Station Kirknewton, Scotland. 

  • 6952nd Security Group activated in June 1952 as the 37th Radio Squadron Mobile (RSM) with 6 officers and 39 airmen.

  • August 1952 the 37th RSM began operations as a functioning unit and by September had 17 officers and 155 airmen.

  • On May 8, 1955 the 37th RSM was re-designated the 6952nd RSM.

  • July 1, 1963 the 6952nd RSM became the 6952nd Security Group.

  • July 1966 unit becomes inactive.